Power Washing Tips

Don’t Deny Your Property Curb Appeal!

Envirowash Pressure Washing

How Long Is Your To-do List? There are some things that it’s natural to want to put off: cleaning out the garage, going grocery shopping, checking off that long list of chores that taunts you daily… But curb appeal is one such thing where homeowner’s needn’t feel the desire to procrastinate. It’s one of the…

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Softwashing or Powerwashing? Why Choose Soft Washing

Keeping your house looking great on the outside is always a good idea. You’ll need less maintenance if the outside of your house is clean, and if you’re trying to sell your house, a clean house will always sell more than a house that hasn’t been washed in awhile. When it comes time to cleaning…

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Make Your Hampton Home Sparkle and Shine

As Spring’s cool breezes give way to the warmth of summer, Hampton homeowners turn their sites toward outdoor living: gardening, stargazing, and hosting backyard get-togethers. With the prospect of so much outdoor time in the near future, now is the time to turn your sites toward beautifying the exterior of your home. Don’t panic- this…

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Need to Restore Your Fence?

Fence Restoration

Like any structure, fences wear down over time. The paint chips, the wood cracks, the metal bends or the stain fades away. No matter what your fence is made of, it will eventually need a restore. You will be happy you did when the time comes. The primary purposes of fences are safety and privacy.…

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Need Your Aggregate or Stamped Concrete Sealed?

aggregate sealing

Sealing aggregate and stamped concrete is a task everybody should consider doing after the concrete has been finished. Sealing is a highly recommended step to prevent damaging your investment. There are several benefits to sealing stamped and aggregate concrete, from adding to the finish to maintaining it during harsh weather. Sealing concrete surfaces, due to…

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Has Your Home Lost Its Luster?

A person’s home is their castle.  A little piece of Planet Earth that they can call their own. When first purchased, a person’s pride in their home is immense. Over time, elements such as the weather can start to erode the appearance of one’s home. As the home starts to lose a little bit of…

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Soft Washing Vs. Power Washing

First off, let me say that there is a definite place for both soft washing and power washing. In making a choice, it all depends on what you are having cleaned. Concrete can take the pressure, but vinyl siding can not.

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