A Pressure Washer Can Sell Your Home

Curb appeal. Curb appeal. Curb appeal. That’s the mantra of Virginia real estate sellers everywhere. One major answer to curb appeal is exterior cleanliness. A high pressure washer can make your outside sparkle and help sell your house.

First, start at the top. Power wash your roof to eliminate bird droppings. Your home loses a good deal of its value if buyers see a moldy roof or the buyer suspects there may be mold in the house.

Next, surprise likely buyers by making your home’s vinyl exterior bright from a thorough power pressure washing.

Your driveway and pathways as well as stone and brick walls should be clear of moss and debrie also. When the outdoor looks clean and pleasing it makes the buyer believe that the full house has been well taken care of. A short time with a high power washer can make those areas look great.

Any decks, pool areas, patios, or porches can be improved by a good high pressure washing. Even if the house is a few decades old, you don’t want to leave the impression that the upkeep has been overlooked.

Although you are not selling your garbage cans or lawn furniture, a cleanup with the proper water pressure from a power washer will spruce them up, too. Again, the buyer will feel that EVERYTHING has been treated with the best of care.

Add a few easy-to-care for hanging pots, mow the lawn, wash the windows and you’ll have that curb appeal that will soon get your house sold.