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Deck cleaning and staining can turn your backyard into a place where you can retreat to and relax. Doesn't that sound appealing? Let the experts from Envirowash turn your old worn out deck into the beautiful backyard oasis you'll never want to leave.

Consult with our specialists to get that perfect stain color that will make a drabby backyard into your own little paradise.


  • Professional Deck Cleaning
  • Deck Staining
  • Deck Sealing
  • Deck Pressure Washing
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Informative Articles

Everyone Hates Pollen, But EnviroWash Has a Solution!

Pollen can be more than a nuisance. This powdery substance, which comes from many of the seed plants here in Virginia, can give you a runny nose, itchy eyes, or make you irritable. Thankfully, EnviroWash’s house washing services provide a solution.    Why Is Pollen a Problem?   Some people have pollen allergies all year-round.…

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Elements of Pressure Washing & Tips on Washing a Deck

Most people, myself included, thought all you need to power wash something was high water pressure and maybe a little heat (as in warm water)

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Decks – A Place To Relax

Decks can provide you with the perfect place to relax outside of your home. As a homeowner, you can create the outdoor space of your dreams by installing or updating your current deck to make it more private and a place that you’d truly enjoy spending your time. Sit back and relax as you enjoy…

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Clean Decks for Fall

Homeowners have many maintenance projects that must be done regularly to keep their homes and properties in good condition. Outdoors in the autumn of the year, maintenance includes getting up fallen leaves and debris, and making sure that all the items that remain outside during the cold months are ready for the damp and inclement weather…

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Getting Your Backyard Ready for Summer Entertaining

  With the summer months come many opportunities to invite people over to have backyard picnics. Of course, this means that you need to have your yard in good shape to have visitors. The two main considerations should be your lawn and your porch area. For the lawn, the main thing you need to worry…

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Enviro Deck Cleaning

Summer is upon us! That means gatherings of family and friends, barbecues and relaxation by the pool, and enjoying your outdoor living space on a beautiful summer day. To ensure you make the most of your summer and truly enjoy your yard, have your deck professionally washed to ensure complete removal of all dirt and…

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Is Your Deck Ready For Summer Gatherings?

Decks are the perfect place to hold summer cookouts and host summer parties. It’s basically why homeowners have a deck. They want a place for family and friends to gather. During the winter and spring months, the deck takes a beating. Snow, wind and rain can batter the wood of a deck so when summer…

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Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Many homes in our area have wooden decks. Perhaps yours is among the many that enjoy what a fine wooden deck adds to a home. You also know that caring for your deck is important. Besides looking bad, a poorly maintained wooden deck can reduce the value and satisfaction of your home. While you may…

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Transform Your Deck With Deck Cleaning and Staining

The harsh effects of weather exposure can turn a beautiful wooden deck into a gray-toned eyesore in only a few years. Deck cleaning and staining can restore it to its former beauty when properly done by a professional. You may think that a garden hose, a bucket of soapy water and a long-handled scrub brush…

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