Everyone Hates Pollen, But EnviroWash Has a Solution!

Pollen can be more than a nuisance. This powdery substance, which comes from many of the seed plants here in Virginia, can give you a runny nose, itchy eyes, or make you irritable. Thankfully, EnviroWash’s house washing services provide a solution. 


Why Is Pollen a Problem?


Some people have pollen allergies all year-round. Others might experience the effects of pollen during certain seasons. Regardless, pollen can be a real problem and make life miserable! 


Here’s the science: The immune system sometimes identifies pollen as a dangerous threat to the body and produces chemicals to fight back against this plant-producing powder. Doing so can cause symptoms like sneezing, a stuffed nose, and even swelling around the eyes. 


How Can EnviroWash Help?


EnviroWash is a Virginia-based cleaning company that uses hot and cold pressure cleaning equipment and solutions to clean windows, doors, and other areas of your home. They even offer carpet cleaning inside the home! The company’s pressure cleaning process can get rid of residual pollen that settles into your property. The result? Less pollen in your residential space.


Why Choose EnviroWash?


EnviroWash has over 15 years of on-the-job experience, making it one of the best companies to keep pollen at bay. The company uses cleaning equipment that can solve the problem of pollen without causing damage to your structures, fixtures, furniture, or exteriors, providing you with peace of mind. 


Don’t suffer from pollen anymore! Contact EnviroWash at (757) 599-3164, or get an instant quote here