When Your White Picket Fencing Isn’t So White

Fencing is one of the time honored staples of the American backyard. Fencing is so common in this country that it has even made its way into the quintessential American dream. There are many reasons why fencing is so popular. A nice privacy fence can transform a backyard into a private oasis whereas waist high vinyl fencing can add charm to any home. Fencing can also be a great way to set off various styles of landscaping. No matter what type of fence you might have all fencing is exposed to the same enemy that can transform a beautiful fence into an eyesore – nature.

Protecting Your Fence From The Onslaught

Each and every day your fence stands vigil over your property and each and every day your fence, no matter what the weather, is under attack from the elements. The blazing sun can bleach wood fencing giving it an ashy gray appearance while rain can warp and crack these boards eventually leading to loosened nails and collapse. It doesn’t matter if your fence is wood or vinyl, the constant barrage of moisture also leads to mild and fungus growth. All of this can make a new fence look beleaguered and actually detract from the appearance of the home. Having your fence professionally cleaned is a great way to give it a restore and protect it from future damage.

Fence Cleaning Done Right

When you fence is professionally cleaned all dirt, mold and fungus are remove and the surface of your fence is as clean as the day it was set. If you have a wooden fence this is the perfect time to have it sealed and waterproofed which will help protect it from future damage. At Envirowash our Virginia fence cleaning team are experts at giving your fence the care and attention it needs and our environmentally safe products will not harm your yard or landscaping. Give your fence a facelift by our experts at Envirowash.  We will make your old fence look new again. Call or contact us today to request your free estimate! (757) 599-3164

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