Why Environmental Responsibility Matters

Environmental responsibility is built into our service structure – it’s a huge part of what we do. But we often have Chesapeake pressure washing clients ask why this is such a prominent part of our model.

Environmental sustainability is the law

Taking action that is healthy for the environment isn’t just the right thing to do. Our Chesapeake exterior cleaning company is also legally obligated to provide an exterior cleaning service that complies with local, state, and national requirements. That’s why we’ve built a service structure that:

  • Is EPA compliant
    We’ve carefully assessed and addressed all the EPA requirements to ensure that your property service promotes clean water, air, and land.
  • Treats wastewater
    Our wastewater recover system collects, treats, and releases all water used in our Chesapeake cleaning services. This ensures that you don’t have any chemical release into your water system.
  • Uses biodegradable cleaning products
    We exclusively use cleaning products that are safe for the planet – and that offers an unbeatable clean for your Chesapeake property.

We live in a unique part of Virginia – and the Chesapeake Bay is our crown jewel. With exterior cleaning from Envirowash, you know you’re getting service that invests in the health of the place you call home.