Black Streaks Are A Problem – And This is Why

An eyesore. An inconvenience. A money pit. There are a lot of ways to describe black streaks on your roof, but all of these apply. When your roofing begins to get those telltale stains, it’s time to take action – and quick.

When Your Roof Is Asking for Help

When we talk to clients about black streaks, and what to do about them, we like to describe the eyesore as a cry for help. This is your roof telling you that it’s essential to take timely action and that it’s our job to answer their call. Black streaks signify that you’re dealing with a few important issues:

  • Your roofing quality is compromised.
    Black streaks come from a type of living bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. It actually feeds on your roofing material, so the bigger the black streaks, the more its consumed. This degrades roofing quality and makes the surface unable to effectively deflect heat.
  • The lifetime of your roof is in trouble.
    When black streaks are allowed to thrive, your roofing suffers. All roofing manufacturers agree that routine roof washing will help your shingles last for longer – and many estimates that routine soft washing can extend their lifetime by a decade or even longer.
  • Your curb appeal is plummeting.
    Superficial but completely important: a dirty roof is bad for your property’s curb appeal. Our soft washing service restores that “just like new” appearance that your exterior needs, starting from the top.

Black streaks don’t deserve to take over – and our team won’t let them. When you invest in a routine soft washing service, you’re getting the best for your property. And even more important? You’re getting benefits that will truly last.