Envirowash Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the most important fixtures of the home, and like most people, you probably have carpets installed in your home because of its appearance and comfort. You must care for the carpet with routine maintenance. Even with spot cleaning and regular vacuuming, there is a need for professional carpet cleaning, to help extend the life span of your carpet.

Here are a few benefits of having your carpet cleaned

Get Rid of stains

No matter how many DIY methods you use, some stains simply wouldn’t come off. So there is a need to deep clean your carpet, and even then, there is no guarantee that it would altogether remove the stain. However, using a professional carpet cleaning company will increase the chances of success.

Restore and Rejuvenate

Having your carpet professionally cleaned helps improve the feel and look. When dirt and dust build up in the fibers, it causes the fiber to become padded. This makes the carpet look worn out and rough. Expert cleaning prevents dirt and dust from tearing away the fibers, making them look better for a longer time.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dirty carpets can impede airflow in your home, as the carpet gets clogged with dust, debris, and dirt, the airflow becomes restricted. With professional cleaning, your home will have improved airflow.

Increase Life Span

Most carpet owners don’t clean their carpet professionally because they think it is costly, but hiring a professional is cheaper than replacing your carpet. Having your carpet deep cleaned increases its longevity and saves you money.

Eliminate Dust Mite and Bacteria

Deep cleaning your carpet is the only way to ensure your carpet is free of dust mites and bacteria. There are 5 cleaning methods that the IICRC has approved, 4 of them are maintenance, and only 1 is restorative. The process is steam cleaning, and every professional uses this method, which gets rid of bacteria.

Prevent Mold Growth

Having mold in your carpet can cause unpleasant odors, degrade your carpet, and cause problems for people with asthma. Professional carpet cleaners have treatments and machines that get rid of the mold quickly and make your home mold-free.

Health Benefits

Carpets are known for becoming a home for bacteria, allergens, and dust particles; these contaminants can cause several health issues. Even the best vacuum cleaners only clean the top ¼ of the carpet fiber, and you may not know this, so professionally cleaning your carpet can help prevent these issues.