How Pressure Washing Increases Home Value

Pressure washing is, quite simply, the most effective way to breathe new life into a property without conducting major renovations.

When most people think of increasing the value of their home, they imagine upgrading the roof, giving it a new paint job, or adding extensions. But what if we told you it could be much simpler than that?

A one-day service from a professional team can significantly increase the value of your home without requiring you to dedicate your time and effort to major renovations.

Let’s walk through some of the many benefits that pressure washing can provide – learn how to boost your home’s value below!

Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Pressure washing the exterior of your house, as well as the surrounding driveway or patio, can drastically improve the look of your house.

You’d be surprised how much dirt and bacteria can collect on your house, especially following bad weather, and you’d be even more surprised at how well this dirt comes off with a pressure washer.

Furthermore, if you live around trees or you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by birds, you’re likely to see even more stains, residue, and dirt culminating on the outside of your home.

Careful house washing with a pressure washer can make your home look brand new again, revitalizing the colors and boosting the quality of your house’s exterior.

Buyers are instantly put off by homes with grimy, uncared-for exteriors. This reduces the amount people will be willing to spend when they consider making an offer. Pressure washing your house can significantly raise its selling price and make your house more attractive to potential buyers.

Thoroughly Cleans Your House

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways of removing bacteria, dirt, and debris from your house. The build-up of bacteria can cause major issues in the long run, particularly if it’s left unattended.

Letting bacteria and fungi build up on the exterior of your house, rooftop, driveway, or patio can be dangerous if it’s not dealt with.

Being in close proximity to dangerous pathogens can cause respiratory problems, illness, and infections, so making sure that your house is sufficiently clean can make you healthier and prevent health issues from occurring.

Buyers know this – nobody chooses to move into a house that clearly has chronic mold problems on the interior walls. Likewise, nobody moves into a home that looks like it’s going to make you ill just from a glance at the outside!

It is recommended that you get your house pressure washed once or twice per year to maintain a clean, healthy living environment. This is even more important if you’re selling your home – a sale can take months or even years from the moment you put your home on the market, and keeping its exterior beautiful means may be necessary several times during this period.

Many buyers will be looking to start a family in their new home. The wellness and safety of their children is a major concern. Show that your home isn’t a trap for pestilence and increase its market value by scheduling pressure washing today!

Saves You Money on Future Repairs

The benefits of cleaning your house don’t stop with health and aesthetics. Getting rid of residue, bacteria, and dirt can stop your house from decaying. Even the tiniest objects, like leaves or bird excrement, can damage your house in the long run.

Whether it’s the exterior of your house or the rooftop, repairs can be very costly, sometimes racking up thousands of dollars in one fell swoop. So, working with a professional pressure washing service to have your home cleaned routinely may actually save you money when it’s time to sell!

A house that needs repairs will be priced significantly lower than one that doesn’t, so routine house washing can be a simple way of preventing your house’s value from slipping due to repairs.

Discourages Pests From Settling

Pressure washing your home can kill or startle existing pests and discourage them from settling near or on your property.

Whether your house seems to attract spiders, mice, or even birds on the roof, pressure washers can be a handy tool to stop them from getting too comfortable. Dirt feels comfortable for animals – while this is fine and natural in a forest, you don’t want every little critter to look at your property and think, “That reminds me of home!”

And your buyers certainly don’t want to give that impression.

The presence of pests can age your home significantly. Even if it’s a relatively new property, seeing droppings scattered around the edges of your house and the remnants of mice or birds nesting on the roof can all make your house appear older than it is – not to mention it can discourage interest from buyers!

Can I Do It Myself?

Pressure washing is a dangerous task and is best handled by professionals. The team at Envirowash has years of experience delivering first-class solutions and knows how to conduct house washing in a way that is law-compliant, cost-effective, and helps present your home in its best light.

Furthermore, cleaning the exterior of your house, your patio, or your roof by hand would take hours of hard work. The results will also never be as good as those delivered by pressure washing, as tough stains and grease can only be removed using high-powered equipment and specialist techniques.

The difference in how much a buyer might bid if your house looks stunning from the outside could easily be in the thousands. The cost of routine pressure washing is minimal by comparison, and the results are only guaranteed when you work with professionals. Make the smart choice – work with the best.

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