Pressure Washing For Your Shopping Center

Keeping your shopping center clean and attractive is important for many reasons. Clean walkways and parking areas create an inviting appearance, this promotes customer traffic. More customers attract more business and create higher rental income for your shopping center. However keeping a shopping center clean is no easy task. When it comes to traffic (both foot and cars) shopping centers tend to receive a heavy amount.
Each day visitors, sometimes numbering in the thousands, come to do business with the stores in your shopping center. All of them leave just a small piece of themselves behind. It might be gum on the sidewalk, dirt from their shoes, or a nice new oil stain in the parking area but multiply it by thousands of visitors a day and a clean shopping center can look run down in a hurry.

Areas of concern

While there are many different areas that can be pressure washed in a shopping center there are three main areas that you will want to target with regularly scheduled cleanings. The parking lot builds up dirt and grime from the countless cars that trail in and deposit dirt from the tires, rubber, oil, and other fluid stains. It also gets walked on adding to the dirt collection and helping to compact it down on the surface. Pressure washing the parking area alone can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your shopping center. Sidewalks are the next busiest areas in a shopping center. From foot traffic, food and beverage spills and of course gum, a sidewalk can go from brightly colored to dull in a matter of days. Lastly, your building itself is exposed to the elements on a daily bases. Exterior walls can accumulate not only dirt but mold as well, it not properly pressure washed this can contribute to the rapid breakdown of building materials and high repair costs.

Your Virginia Shopping Center Pressure Washing Specialist

The appearance of your shopping center is important to potential shoppers and can drive up sales, or drive them down.   Do not allow such a simple solution, affect your bottom line.  Call the experts. Envirowash is a VA power washing company.  We have the experience and expertise that you are looking for.  Our professionals will make sure that your shopping center is cleaned properly and thoroughly. Our Technique includes a soft washing service that won’t cause damage to the delicate areas.  We know the importance and the value in having a beautiful property. Call or contact us today for your free estimate! (757) 599-3164

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