Residential Concrete Cleaning

Driveways and concrete surfaces on the exterior of a home are constantly exposed to some of the dirtiest things around. This means that they may start to look filthy unless they are cleaned regularly and thoroughly. The bottoms of shoes and car tires come into contact with these areas every day, which covers them with grease and oil. Outdoor surfaces are also constantly exposed to the elements, which means that dirt, soil, mildew, and fungus can collect on them throughout the year. Over time these dark patches can make it difficult to tell what the surface underneath really looks like. The buildup of these substances will end up changing the whole appearance of the outside of your house.

Maintenance on the exterior of your home is also important to preserve the integrity of the structure and any fixtures outside. While at first, this might only sound like a driveway cleaning service, cracks and stains on all external concrete can eventually cause damage that will require replacements or expensive repairs. This long-term damage can be avoided with regular, thorough cleanings. 

The best way to keep these areas clean is to have a professional cleaning company wash them with industrial strength pressure washing equipment. Our residential concrete cleaning methods from professional service technicians can actually save time and money over trying to clean everything yourself. A typical residential cleaning only takes us a couple of hours for the entire job and saves homeowners the money associated with equipment and cleaning supplies.

EnviroWash is available to meet all of your residential concrete cleaning needs, including driveways, patios, surfaces, sidewalks, and other walkways. We use environmentally friendly cleaning methods and never wash with harsh chemicals that can damage plants, animals, or children nearby. Envirowash also offers a quality protect guarantee, so you can be confident that your house will be the best looking in your entire neighborhood after we are finished.

Contact us today to get an instant quote and learn more about a solution that will have your home looking beautiful this spring and summer. We service Newport News, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Suffolk, and nearby areas between Virginia Beach and the northern border of Virginia.