Staying Up to Date With Window Cleaning

Cleaning the windows of our homes doesn’t usually cross our minds until they’re caked with dirt. However, letting them get to this point can significantly reduce their lifespan, leading to a costly window replacement. 

This can be avoided with a window cleaning service. Not only will your home receive a boost in curb appeal, but you’ll enjoy looking out streak-free windows. 

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When is the Best Time to Get Your Windows Cleaned?

Window cleaning services are popular in the spring, preferably when temperatures are between 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s recommended to get the interior of your windows cleaned annually and the exterior bi-annually. 

Spring cleaning exists for a reason! It’s that time of the year to treat areas that don’t get much attention throughout the year and this includes the windows of our homes.

Reasons To Schedule a Professional Window Cleaning

While you could clean your windows yourself, there are several reasons to hire a professional as opposed to taking the DIY route. For starters, they’ll make sure to clean your windows with the right products. This will result in a streak-free finish. 

It’s also easy to scratch your glass when you clean it. Professional window cleaners have years of experience in this industry, guaranteeing high-quality services regardless of the types of windows you have.

Other reasons to schedule a window cleaning service include: 

  • Prevent bugs from gathering. Dirty windows can eventually create a nesting spot for bees, hornets, and any other insects that like nesting near windows.
  • Keeps static from building up. Using fiber-based products incorrectly can result in what’s called static buildup. This can end up leaving your glass dirtier than before. The rubbing motion creates static and actually attracts more dirt and dust.
  • Improved curb appeal. Your home’s exterior will look cleaner after a professional window cleaning service. This is because it will be cleaner!
  • Avoid headaches and frustration. The team at Envirowash handles cleanings quickly and effectively all while guaranteeing a streak-free look. This means zero headaches for you!

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