The Professional Window Cleaning Difference

Household maintenance is expensive! Sometimes it can be tempting, even necessary, to find places to cut corners. But while there are plenty of things homeowners might want to tackle, window cleaning shouldn’t be on that list.
Why should you hire a professional instead of doing it yourself? Here are three good reasons to call the EnviroWash team for an estimate today.

Get It Done Right the First Time

If you’ve ever tried cleaning your windows, it probably took you the better part of a weekend. And after all that hard work, there were still probably streaks and spots on the glass.
But with a window cleaning professional, cleaning your windows will only take a few hours. They also have the skills and training to work on second-story windows and hard-to-access window panes.
Home improvement accidents led to 3% of ER visits in 2020. Don’t take any silly risks and leave window cleaning to the professionals.

An Eagle Eye View on Your Windows

Window pros have the expertise to spot window issues that a homeowner might not. Whether chipping paint, a broken seal, or even wood rot, a professional can alert you to problems while they are still easy and cheap to fix. They may even have advice on how to do it!
Window cleaners also bring all the tools needed to do a thorough job. They’ll scrub the windowsills, vacuum up bugs, and take care of details that are easy to miss.

Make Your Curb Appeal Last Longer

Dirt, dust, and debris can hurt window glass, jam locks, and ruin seals. Regular, professional cleaning will help your windows last longer, which saves you money in the long run.
Clean windows also improve the curb appeal and feel of your home. Curb appeal can increase the sale price of a home by up to 14%! But even if you’re not selling your house, improving your curb appeal can still impress your guests and make you feel proud of your home.

Let EnviroWash Take Care of Your Home

Professional window cleaning is safer and far more efficient. It also prolongs the lifespan of your windows and makes your house look its best. And best of all, window cleaning is more affordable than you might think when you work with companies like EnviroWash.
Don’t wait to have your home looking fantastic. Give us a call now for a free, no-obligation estimate!