Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Many homes in our area have wooden decks. Perhaps yours is among the many that enjoy what a fine wooden deck adds to a home. You also know that caring for your deck is important. Besides looking Deck Cleaning and Staining | Envirowashbad, a poorly maintained wooden deck can reduce the value and satisfaction of your home. While you may have done some maintenance on the deck prior to the winter season, it is important to reexamine your deck to see if it needs cleaning or sealing now before the hot summer months arrive. Why?

Water, which is absorbed into the wood, washes out natural resins and color giving it that aged, ashy look. Unfortunately for our wooden decks, summertime usually has plenty of water. There are also three other factors that can cause wood to deteriorate

  1. Freezing and thaw cycles can splinter and crack the wood.
  2.  Sunlight, which bleaches wood fibers and can break down the cell structure of wood.
  3.  Mold and Mildew which feed on moisture and wood, making decks discolored.

The transition from winter to spring to summer is a unique time in which all three factors named above can converge and assault your deck. This makes now the perfect time to schedule your deck cleaning and sealing with Envirowash! Our knowledgeable professionals understand that properly cared for wood adds to the value and appearance of a home. Give us a call today at (757) 599-3164 and schedule your Deck Cleaning and Sealing!

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