What Are Those Stains On My Roof?

If you have ever seen a roof (perhaps your own) that has long black streaks on it then you have come face to face with Gloeocapsa Magma. It is an incredibly fast growing fungus that is very common up and down the east coast. This fungus is carried from roof to roof through the air. Once it lands on a roof it feeds off of the fillers (typically limestone) within your shingles! Without a thorough roof cleaning, these algae will Gloeocapsa Magma On Roof Shingles | Envirowasheat away at your shingles and leave areas where water can infiltrate your roof!

The Immediate Impact

While this fungus is on its way to devouring your roof, a very nasty side effect is also taking place. Higher energy costs! With the algae coating your shingles they can no longer efficiently do their job of reflecting the sun’s rays. This means that more of the heat from the sun penetrates into your attic. As the air in your attic becomes warmer and warmer your air conditioner will run for longer and longer to cool your home, the resulting increase in energy costs can be dramatic.

Envirowash Has The Solution!

If you do see stains on your roof have no fear! Envirowash has years of experience at successfully removing this unwanted houseguest. There is no need to proceed with costly shingle replacement. Envirowash’s eco-friendly, non-pressure roof cleaning service not only completely removes this fungus, but also ensures that your shingles will not be damaged in the process. Having our non-pressure roof cleaning method used on your roof will help your roof stay cleaner much longer than using a high pressure wash. At Envirowash, we will be happy to answer all your questions concerning our roof cleaning methods. Call or contact us today! (757) 599-3164

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