Which Eyesores Are Hurting Your Siding?

When you look at your property, what do you see? If flawless curb appeal isn’t part of the equation, you aren’t alone – many homeowners in Virginia deal with the same issue: dirty siding.

Know What to Look For

Our climate doesn’t do your siding any favors. And there are a few obstacles that hurt your siding again and again:


  • Dirt & Dust
    This one is easy to spot. If you see particulate matter and smudges on your exterior, you can thank the elements.
  • Mold
    This one can take a few different forms. Sometimes, it looks like clusters of small black dots. On other homes you’ll see streaky dark patches. It’s ugly – and will hurt your siding quality.
  • Mildew
    Mildew is another type of fungi. In a nutshell, it’s mold in its earliest form. You’ll see a dark powder-like buildup peppered on your siding.
  • Algae
    Are swathes of green film taking over? This is algae. The color is an instant giveaway. It’s a fast-growing eyesore of an issue.


Get a Solution for Curb Appeal

A house washing solution is the best way to restore a great first impression to your property. Envirowash uses an earth-friendly soft washing approach to reinstate curb appeal. Mold, mildew, algae and other eyesores have met their match in our technicians – and you will get the best for your investment.