Prepare for Spring with Pressure Washing

Spring is coming! It comes with sunshine, an invitation to spend an afternoon outside on the decking, and a chance to declutter and dust away winter’s cobwebs.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for indoors, though. This is the perfect time to pressure wash your home’s exterior and get it ready to sparkle in the sunlight!

Envirowash is here to help you do just that. Here’s why it’s time to book our services before things heat up and rejuvenate your home!

Why Spring Cleaning Is More Than Just an Inside Job

Over the winter, our homes accumulate bits and pieces we’d throw straight out in summer. Cardboard boxes that contained Christmas presents sit around in corners. Books we started reading over the new year are left on bedside tables.

And that’s just inside!

The outside of your home experiences the same thing. Dirt washes over your sidewalks and driveway in heavy rain or melting snow. Rain streaks through grime on your brick walls or siding. Leaves blow across your decking and get stuck under rails and chairs.

Here’s how professional pressure washing gets your home’s exterior ready for spring!

Exterior Walls

We don’t notice it during the dark winter months, but dirt accumulates easily on exterior walls during winter weather. Mold and algae grow easily when it’s cold and damp, discoloring the wall and settling into cracks.

When the sun comes out, it becomes clear. Yes, your walls did look brighter last year. That’s when it’s time to call Envirowash for much-needed pressure washing!

We can restore the sparkle to your home’s exterior with systematic, intensive cleaning. We use the best products to strip through algae, lichen, and moss.

We take great care not to damage fixtures like plants, hanging baskets, and doorways. We’re always ready to listen to our customers and tailor our solutions to your needs – time to get your home sunshine-ready!


Winter weather washes dirt all over your driveway. Shoes get dirtier than usual, especially during rain or snow, when debris sticks to the soles and gets trodden all over the place. Your driveway experiences heavy footfall, and it’s heavily discolored by the first day of spring.

So why wait?

Let Envirowash blast that dirt and debris away with our pressure-washing services. Let’s make your driveway a place your car is proud to be parked on when spring rolls around!


The sidewalk outside your home makes an impression on visitors even before they’ve reached your house! A sparkling sidewalk free of dirt, leaves, gum, and winter debris helps your home stand out in the neighborhood.

The sidewalk also gets all the run-off from a sloped driveway, meaning that when the snow melts, it gets streaked with extra grime. Wash away muddy footprints by booking professional pressure washing with Envirowash!

Decking & Patios

The first day it’s warm enough to step out and enjoy an afternoon relaxing or cooking on the deck or patio is always special. It’s even more special when your decking is sparkling clean!

Our professional patio and deck cleaning services are designed to avoid damage to sensitive areas, such as lights and other decorations. Dust and dirt become greasy when exposed to winter rain, making surfaces slippery. Who wants that?

Have your deck or patio ready for the first day of spring by scheduling professional services from Envirowash now.

Why is Early Spring the Best Time for Outdoor Pressure Washing?

When the weather warms up, we want to relax and enjoy it! Here are four great reasons to schedule a professional cleaning for your home’s exterior today.

1. Beat the Rush

Do you know the thing about spring cleaning? It works best to get started before spring.
Pressure washing companies are always hectic in April and May. The sun has arrived, and people are impatient to enjoy being outdoors again.

This makes February and March the ideal time to pressure wash your home. It’s easier to schedule an appointment, and services are sometimes cheaper during off-peak times.

It also means that when the fine weather picks up, you’re ready for it! You won’t need to worry about scheduling cleaning because you got there in advance. Just sit back and enjoy the sun!

2. Clear Away Winter Dirt & Debris

Dirt spreads easily in winter. Leaves and twigs fall from trees. Heavy rain washes soil over driveways and sidewalks. Muddy feet spread dirt around wherever they walk.

Moss, algae, and lichen also grow easily during winter. You’ll notice them spreading across your paving and appearing in patches on your outside walls.

They trap water when it rains, which then drips down your surfaces as it dries. This means you’re constantly getting fresh streaks of dirty water on your property – best to remove it at the source.

Pressure washing can answer all your winter cleaning woes. Book now to get your home ready for spring.

3. The Sun is Shining

Spring is a popular time to sell your home. Blue skies and sunshine make the outside look much better than dark clouds and a layer of snow.

As long as it’s clean, that is!

If you plan to sell your home in spring, get it pressure-washed now. You don’t want to stall your estate agent for weeks because they want to take photographs and you can’t find a professional pressure washing service.

4. You Want to Be Outside More

Simple but true – it’s nicer to spend time outdoors in a clean environment. It makes relaxing so much easier, from your driveway to your decking and patio to your exterior walls.

Don’t wait until you sit in your deck chair to realize the place needs cleaning. Book pressure washing before spring arrives, and be ready to enjoy it to the full!

Schedule Your Spring Cleaning Today!

Envirowash has years of experience providing professional pressure washing services to homeowners at this time of year. When you schedule service, we’re ready to make your home’s exterior sparkle.

Beat the rush and be ready for the sun! Book your residential pressure wash today.