Why Go With Carpet Cleaning From EnviroWash?

Let’s talk about your carpet for a second! When you have carpets in your home or business, you want them to look their best. Carpeting adds such a great touch to any place; it’s warm, welcoming, and inviting, and it’s something that everyone remembers about your home or your business.


Unfortunately, carpets are also the surface that is most susceptible to dirt, grime, and dozens of other substances. With all the feet crossing carpets (and drinks spilled on them, etc., etc.), carpets can get real ugly real quick.


If your carpets need a pick-me-up, it’s time to call in the experts from EnviroWash.


Four Reasons to Trust EnviroWash With Your Carpet Cleaning Needs


Here are the four reasons to call in EnviroWash to take care of your carpets today:


  • The best equipment. Our truck-mounted equipment is the perfect type of technology to get your carpets clean. Agile and nimble, these truck-mounted machines allow us to avoid bringing heavy machinery into your home or business (avoiding a huge disruption to the day).


  • The process that pays off. At EnviroWash, we use a “hot water extraction” method to get the carpets as clean as possible. This method digs down into every carpet fiber, getting rid of all the dirt you can and CAN’T see in your carpets.


  • The experience and the professionalism. We equip all of our highly trained technicians with the EnviroWash uniform; it’s a uniform fitting their years of experience cleaning carpets for residential and commercial properties.


  • The results you need. With EnviroWash, you get a beautiful, clean carpet minus dirt, odors, and bacteria.


Get Started With EnviroWash


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