Soft Washing or Power Washing? Why Choose Soft Washing

Softwashing or Powerwashing? Why Choose Soft Washing  | EnvirowashKeeping your house looking great on the outside is always a good idea. You’ll need less maintenance if the outside of your house is clean, and if you’re trying to sell your house, a clean house will always sell more than a house that hasn’t been washed in awhile.

When it comes time to cleaning your house, you have two options. You can either soft wash or pressure wash your house. Pressure washing, as you might have guessed, a uses lot of pressure. It is better suited for industrial buildings that were made to withstand that kind of outside pressure.

For your home, you’re going to be better off with soft washing, for several reasons. For one thing, it’s not nearly as tough on the exterior. Pressure washing your home can strip the paint off the house and ruin wood and vinyl. A soft wash gets the house clean without attacking the house.

Some people swear by high-pressure water flow to get the deep clean they need. However, a good soft wash gets the exact same level of clean through gentler means. Companies that do soft washes use soap and chemical mixes that treat your house and make it look great without putting unnecessary pressure on the exterior.

If your house is looking a little grungy on the outside, now’s the time to get it washed. Remember, though – soft washing will offer a deep clean without stripping your exterior with excessive force. Make the right choice for your home.